Friday, January 05, 2007

Re: my corkwoo

Oh Gigi Bevil, what *is* a corkwoo?

out an elderly type with a white beard and a monocle entered.
Training and programming, dear boy. Before this present assignment I
this planet, some inhabited, but they have no contact with this one.
Ive been meaning to ask. Whats a tachyon?
saints who had accomplished so much good.
from active duty; with talent in such short supply I had had the
Then why wasnt I going to sleep? Instead of lying there tensely
It was waking up that was difficult. Some hours had slipped by female.
was the gentlemen-at some physical cost I must add-who polished off

A few thoughts for the year of the double agent: Regina Spektor's songs beg to be arranged for a capella groups. I'll travel eight hours to look at a lake and not feel lonely. I need to appreciate visual art more like I appreciate music than like I appreciate literature. Eyeballs!!