Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winter tips from THE EFF BEE

1) Moisturize! Don't forget your feet!

2) Stop envying your pets! Sleep as much as you want!

3) Don't be proud! Wear tights and/or long underwear!

4) Got the shopping itch? Go to the library instead!

5) "Spa-treated" Dole raisins are worth it! White Rose is crap!

6) Need bucks? Reduce your cell phone plan!

7) There is no reason to use luggage without wheels!

8) Feeling gray? Find a botanical garden!

9) Washing clothes by hand is surprisingly cheap and easy!

10) Per Fred Nietzsche, "If something is falling, give it a shove."

Great PSA

"You've got to hug and kiss your kids. Words aren't enough.

"Call 311 or visit"