Friday, November 14, 2008

Remake Remodel

Taking the blog back like our country! Wild Style at Film Forum!

Heteronormativity grew slightly less tedious in Connecticut.

RE: thesis -- Crunch Time for Cronzo.

Fragments from the vaults:

We are making delicate little party decorations
We are planning a lunch three years in the future
We know what we would do if we were someone else


Love came in to ruin me,
And I said no problem.
She disappeared into my skin.


The little girl
Looks older in the picture
You can tell

Little girl
I am coming for you
I am here
I am loving you back in time

I am loving you forward in time
In that bardo with the ancestors
The candle in that secret room before dawn
In the mountain stream

The little girl
Not an ounce of self-pity
Saw something you have not.

Slide the rice paper door
Over massacres of the old country
Massacres of the new country
Ghosts in the garden

My lover is me approaching
With her esses lisped
Her cat-yellow eyes
Her curls in distress


amelia said...

hoo-ray. for the eff-bee, and for un-updated but not forgotten blogs.

THE FIRE BOSS (aka EFF BEE) said...

Thanks, Am! It's good to be back. It's good for you to be back, too.

music-type-writer. said...

ay yi ya yi!

i have thought about blogging and poetry as well.

last week was a bad one for cats - how did edith fare?

THE FIRE BOSS (aka EFF BEE) said...

Hey! Edith is great. Sleep, scratch, eat, purr, repeat.